Entry #11

Huge Gapping Butthole of an UPDATE!!!

2013-05-05 22:41:50 by McDugals

So where to begin! Well Relinquish is finally finished in the writing department, right now my team of voice actors are working on their lines and sending them my way. Over the summer I will be working on my end with the machinima film work and editing. I'll be living in Savannah over the summer with one of my Lacrosse teammates in a house we rented so I will basically have a room to work without interruptions! Except for Fridays, drinks at the bar are half off!

I will also be trying to do some collaborative work with some of the talented people on Newgrounds. Probably some animated shorts and what not on some interesting things that have happened in the city that I think viewers are going to absolutely love! Finally to top this off I will be starting back up the Backstage Pass! It seemed like a lot of people like the idea and I would hate to have it thrown away like a used Jimmie.

So thats all for tonight hope you all have a good summer!

Let's do great things out there!



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2013-05-07 06:24:19

Good summer!