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So where to begin! Well Relinquish is finally finished in the writing department, right now my team of voice actors are working on their lines and sending them my way. Over the summer I will be working on my end with the machinima film work and editing. I'll be living in Savannah over the summer with one of my Lacrosse teammates in a house we rented so I will basically have a room to work without interruptions! Except for Fridays, drinks at the bar are half off!

I will also be trying to do some collaborative work with some of the talented people on Newgrounds. Probably some animated shorts and what not on some interesting things that have happened in the city that I think viewers are going to absolutely love! Finally to top this off I will be starting back up the Backstage Pass! It seemed like a lot of people like the idea and I would hate to have it thrown away like a used Jimmie.

So thats all for tonight hope you all have a good summer!

Let's do great things out there!


Relinquish Season 1

2012-12-23 12:59:59 by McDugals

The writing for season 1 of Relinquish is finally over!!! Emails to the voice actors ive worked with have been sent!

Good News Everyone!

2012-10-15 12:05:19 by McDugals

The BackStage Pass is being well received! The next episode should be out soon but college is keeping me super busy! In other news ill be returning home in four weeks and during my 48 day break i will not only be spending time with my family but i will also be helping with an animation film project called A Tale of Two Sons and my own live action film Slender in Savannah which is a Slender Man horror film that takes place in Savannah, Georgia. I'll also be working on some machinima so ill have to get the crew together and round up a few more voice actors!

Have a good day everyone!


Good News Everyone!


2012-04-09 00:42:01 by McDugals

I woke up this morning with a feeling in my anus like a cat was shoved up my bum! Not only that but my shoulders were sore and my head was filled with so much fuck that you could use my eyes to project a porno on a big screen in a movie theater. The best was the fact i hadn't shaved in over a month and for some reason a part of my chinstrap was longer then the rest so i ultimately had to shave the sonabitch off. Then i slipped on some jelly beans because my little brother left some on the floor because he wanted to color coordinate them. Then i ate some Reese's and became happy. Hope you all had a nice Easter and try not to eat to much candy or you'll get diabeetus!

Season 3 Update

2012-02-23 11:13:02 by McDugals

Ok folks here's the update! So far things have been a bit slow due to school and stuff I'm planning for college. But I finished the rewrite for season 3 and hopefully I can get the gears rollin for a new episode. That might feature animation! So let's all keep our fingers crossed and keep working our butts off!

Another Freaking Update!!!

2011-11-12 20:05:27 by McDugals

Hey their folks I'm back! I'm almost finished the 3rd seasons script rewrite. I uploaded a new music video the my youtube channel(night4466) and the channel update is up and I'm sure the guys who are a part of it will enjoy the work i put into it. Im also going to be doing a voice demo and it should be up Monday afternoon so check it out!!!!

New Episode and Update!!!

2011-08-11 23:26:36 by McDugals

Good news every one a new episode of my machinima series "The Last" is up and getting great reception!!!

Heres the link- UT1s

Now i'd like to take a moment to thank Mrbipolar, Killington, Tom S, EyesAdrift, Abner, and all other members of Newgrounds that are helping me without you guys the series would be shit, honestly you guys are like the jam for my morning toast! Now luckily Classic is working very hard to make the animation so i'm giving him as much time as he needs. Also some animators are interested in the project and hope they have time to work on it and make this the next best thing. Till next time my friends enjoy your tea, coffee, or milk, till next time this is McDugals saluting his fellow film makers and star gazers!!



2011-05-21 18:12:28 by McDugals

So far things are going well my animator ClassicWiseGuy the maker of the Bimmy series has done some concept art and its going very well. He is still working on his newest Bimmy installment so any prototypes of The Last animation segments wont be for a while. Episode four of The Last Season 3 is being worked on all i need is for my voice actors to send their audio. New to the series will be Bryy88, Abner, and Classic himself will be voicing secondary characters and extras in my series. Bryy88 will be replacing my character and we might even redo the first episode of season 3 since i had already done that characters lil speech. And if you havent noticed I have three new audio submissions so hope you enjoy.




2011-02-27 20:02:24 by McDugals

I'm voicing in a flash haha im so happy lol and now i found an animator haha this days getting better haha and i found 3 and ill say again 3 voice actors for my series haha this is freakin awesome

Good News!!

2011-02-26 13:21:26 by McDugals

I am finally voice acting...I am voice acting in someones machinima and in a flash. So thats one objective completed and one more to go.